Thursday, November 12, 2020

PA Forestry Assn. Recognizes Rebecca Trigger & Mark Foley With 2020 PA Tree Farm Of The Year Award; Robb Piper Tree Farm Inspector Of The Year

Rebecca Trigger
and her son Mark Foley of Keystone Woodland and Field in Greene County were recognized with the PA Forestry Association 2020 PA Tree Farm of the Year Award during the virtual PFA Annual Symposium.

The Association also recognized Robb Piper as the 2020 Tree Farm Inspector of the Year.

Keystone Woodland And Field

The Keystone Woodland and Field farm is about 140 acres with 100 acres of forested land that is mostly hardwoods in various stages of growth.  Rebecca Trigger purchased the farm in 1994, but, as she says, the “educated” forest management did not start until 2014. 

Since this time, she and her son became Forest Stewards, joined their local Woodland Owners group, and got certified in Game of Logging Chainsaw safety. 

While most of the management work is done by Rebecca and Mark, they have successfully reached out and formed partnerships to assist. There was (please note-“was”) a mile-a-minute invasive weed problem on the property and through a collaboration with West Virginia University and the US Forest Service, this pest has been nearly eliminated from the property. 

West Virginia University and the US Forest Service provided a biological control which happens to be a beetle that is very small so can easily be transported over the mile-a-minute infestation and dropped by drone. 

Keystone Woodland and Field tree farm became a test site for this new technology. 

They have reached out to a local high school’s Envirothon team, where the farm provides a training site and the students will sometimes help with bigger projects like a tree planting. Keystone Woodland and Field hires an intern from this group every year to assist with the management. 

Rebecca and Mark will be planning an educational tour of their property sometime in 2021. There is much more to see so please plan to attend. Congratulations to Rebecca and Mark!

Robb Piper

The 2020 Tree Farm Inspector of the Year was awarded to Robb Piper at the virtual PA Forestry Association’s 134th Annual Symposium. This is the second time that Robb has won this award and it is well deserved. 

Robb is a great ambassador for PA Tree Farm. Over the last year, he has re-inspected five tree farms and brought in eleven new tree farmers. In the big picture this means that 16 forests are being managed responsibly! 

A well-run state Tree Farm Committee should have volunteers from woodland owners, foresters, and, government and industry employees and Robb has helped PA Tree Farm Committee be successful by actively participating for more than twenty years. 

Robb continues to help PA Tree Farm by remaining an active Tree Farm Inspector who gives value to the program by visiting with the tree farmers to validate what happens behind the Tree Farm sign as good forestry.

Visit the PA Forestry Association Tree Farm Program webpage for more information.

For more information on programs, initiatives, upcoming and more, visit the PA Forestry Association website.  Click Here to sign up for regular updates.

(Photo: Rebecca Trigger & Mark Foley; Robb Piper.)

(Reprinted from the
November PA Forestry Association newsletter.  Click Here to sign up for your own copy.)
[Posted: November 12, 2020] 
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