Friday, October 16, 2020

PA Conservation Districts Ask Lawmakers To Keep Same Funding For Their Vital Services As They Finalize FY 2020-21 State Budget

PA Association of Conservation Districts asks Senate and House members for level-funded budgets for the vital services provided by Pennsylvania’s 66 conservation districts.

Conservation districts help prevent pollution to ensure clean water for our future. They can also help the state with an economic recovery. 

Conservation districts prevent pollution from farms and construction sites. Staff from conservation districts work with farmers and construction companies. They make sure that practices are in place to limit pollution. 

This keeps our communities healthy. 

To help with an economic recovery in Pennsylvania, conservation districts are working through the pandemic. They review and approve permit applications. This keeps projects going and people working. 

Conservation districts provide funding for fixing dirt and gravel roads throughout the state. Fixing these roads provides jobs and prevents pollution from entering our waterways. 

“The conservation districts support construction work and our local farmers,” stated Brenda Shambaugh, PACD Executive Director. “Pennsylvania’s conservation districts are an important part of reopening the Commonwealth. They provide technical assistance and approve permits to keep projects moving. They do this in a safe, efficient, and effective manner.”  

Conservation districts need to keep their doors open to prevent pollution and to aid in an economic recovery. However, in order to operate, conservation districts need state funding. 

PACD asks the legislature to provide the same funding as last year. The General Assembly will consider a final state budget in November.

For more information on programs, initiatives, services and upcoming events, visit the PA Association of Conservation Districts website.

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[Posted: October 16, 2020]  PA Environment Digest

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