Friday, March 20, 2020

PA Parks & Forests Foundation: Parks, Forests Important To Physical, Emotional Health; At-Home Environmental Ed Ideas

The March 20 Take Five Fridays With Pam from the PA Parks and Forests Foundation is dedicated to helping people through the coronavirus outbreak with suggestions for using parks to help with our physical, mental and emotional health.
“How are you holding up? At the end of a decidedly odd week that's left a lot of us feeling off-kilter, we hope you can Take (at least) Five and ruminate on the positive and uplifting messages filtering into our inboxes and social media.
“The closure of every state park and forest has affected each of us in a different way - and the cancellation of every event through the end of April has left a lot of people disappointed.
“But it is our belief that the message of these closures is that (1) the health and safety of each of us and all of us is paramount; and (2) you know - you KNOW - how important these places are to your health and well-being
“(I)t became apparent just how important our parks and forests are to us when it appeared we would not have access to them. These special places are so important to our physical, mental and emotional health! 
“Even if your schedule/childcare/location does not permit you to spend time in the parks/forests at this time, you may find some stress relief by holding an image of your favorite place in your heart.
“And while you are holding your heart, please consider looking outside of your home to others in need: perhaps an elderly neighbor needs groceries when you make a run or consider donating blood, which is in critically short supply. 
“Helping others also helps us by giving us a “helper's high”: it releases endorphins which, in turn, improves mood and boosts self-esteem. And can't we all use a little boost right now?”
At-Home Environmental Ed
We're busily finding fun things to do to entertain the little ones (and yourself), including a reminder of the freebies you can find on our website
One of those freebies is the Art in the Parks coloring book. 
Snap a picture of your finished product and send it to:  We'll draw one at random for a gift from the prize closet!
For more information on programs, initiatives, special events and how you can get involved, visit the PA Parks & Forests Foundation website.  Click Here to sign up for regular updates from the Foundation,  Like them on Facebook or Follow them on TwitterClick Here to become a member of the Foundation.
(Photo: A Ray Of Floral Sunshine by Annie Walczyk.)
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