Friday, March 20, 2020

PA Assn. Of Environmental Educators Opens Online Teaching Environmental Ed At Home Resource Page

On March 20, the PA Association of Environmental Educators opened a special Teaching Environmental Ed At Home resource webpage to help parents, grandparents, teachers and school officials provide an EE learning experience while their students are home.
The page opens with this special message from Steve Wasiesky, PAEE President--
“I hope all of you are doing well and coping as best you can through this unprecedented situation we are all in at this time.  I know of no other field whose workers are more adaptable than those in Environmental Education.  
“We teach outside.  The weather changes, the bus dropping the students off is late, a deer runs through our education site distracting the students as we are teaching, etc.   
“When these things happen, we use it as a teachable moment, or pull out our, “Plan B”.  As such we have some really great “Plan B” options for you too. 
“Since we have this temporary interruption in getting the students to us for programming, PAEE will provide online options for some fun and interactive environmental educational experiences for the students to do, by themselves or with their parents.  
“Together let’s make some refreshing lemonade out of these lemons.
“The PAEE Board members have been discussing ways we can provide meaningful environmental science activities for the students while they are at home through links on the PAEE website.  
“Our Board and members have contributed ideas and educational links that are posted on the PAEE website so teachers and parents can access them.  
“Through social media and our Regional Directors, we are getting the word out to our school contacts, officials and educational organizations as well who can post a link on the parent resources page of their websites.  
“We hope you and your children enjoy, and learn from these excellent environmental education activities.”
Visit the Teaching EE At Home webpage.
For more information on programs, initiatives, upcoming events and how you can get involved, visit the PA Association of Environmental Educators website and Follow them on FacebookClick Here to sign up for their newsletter (midway down the page).
[Posted: March 20, 2020]  PA Environment Digest

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