Monday, December 16, 2019

Southwestern PA Water Resources Center Hosts Stream Bank Restoration, Smart Green Corridor, MS4 Stormwater Workshops

The Southwestern PA Commission Water Resource Center will host a series of workshops on stream bank restoration, smart green corridors and a refresher on MS4 Stormwater requirements.
Stream Bank Restoration
Do you have a Stream Bank Restoration Project planned to meet sediment requirements for your Pollution Reduction Plan? Have you started the process yet? Do you know what the process is? 
Join the Center for a general overview of the steps needed to complete a complex project like a Stream Bank Restoration presented by HRG, Inc
Topics discussed will include wetland delineations and environmental assessments, permitting process, design and construction, general ideas of costs, and monitoring and maintenance of the completed project. 
Target audience includes Municipal Mangers/Secretaries, Elected Officials, Department of Public Work Supervisors, and MS4 Compliance Coordinators.
The workshops will be held--
-- January 14: Findlay Township Activity Center, 310 Main Street, Imperial, Allegheny County. 9:00 a.m. to Noon.  Click Here to register.
-- January 15: Community and Rec Center At Boyce Mayview Park, 1551 Mayview Road, Upper St. Clair, Allegheny County.  9:00 a.m. to Noon. Click Here to register.
MS4: Smart Green Corridors
The development of a Smart Green Corridor is invaluable to the ideology of decision-making at the municipal and regional scale. 
The process of developing an SGC serves to identify particular "hot spots" or challenge areas and provide a visual representation of where the biggest environmental, financial, and social return on investments are. 
An implemented SGC is a linkage system tying together human, built, and natural capital to foster a dynamic closed-loop approach to bolstering the local economy, protecting the environment, and providing positive social impacts through implemented elements that are complementary to each other. 
An inherent and potential benefit of an implemented SGC is a reduction in overall MS4 program tasks and activities.
The workshop will be held--
-- March 18: Peters Township Municipal Building, 200 Municipal Drive, McMurray, Washington County. 9:00 a.m. to Noon.  Click Here to register.
Presenting the workshop will be Mike LaSala, LandStudies, Inc.
MS4 Stormwater Refresher
Need a crash course to better understand MS4 permits? The MS4 Refresher Workshop is geared towards new employees, current employees with more MS4 responsibilities, or for individuals looking for more knowledge related to MS4 permit requirements.
The workshop will provide high-level explanations of Stormwater Management Programs (SWMPs), Minimum Control Measures (MCMs), TMDL Plans and Pollutant Reduction Plans (PRPs), permit implementation, and how these items are supposed to interact with each other to facilitate a compliant MS4 program.
The workshop will be held--
-- March 19: North Fayette Municipal Building, 400 North Branch Road, Oakdale, Allegheny County. 9:00 a.m. to Noon.  Click Here to register.
Presenting the workshop will be Mike LaSala, LandStudies, Inc.
For more information on programs, initiatives, other upcoming educational opportunities and more, visit the Southwestern PA Commission Water Resource Center website.
[Posted: December 16, 2019]

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