Friday, December 6, 2019

DEP Renewing Waste General Permit Authorizing The Beneficial Use Of Regulated Fill For 1 Year To Allow Time To Review Extensive Public Comments

The Department of Environmental Protection published notice it is renewing Base General Permit WMGR096 through June 2021 to allow time for the agency to review the many and extensive comments it received on the permit during a public comment period in October.  (Dec. 7 PA Bulletin)
This permit authorizes the beneficial use of regulated fill as a construction material. Under General Permit No. WMGR096, regulated fill may only be moved to a property that is approved for construction and meets one of the following criteria:
-- The property is zoned and used exclusively for commercial and industrial uses; or
-- The property is unzoned but exclusively used for commercial and industrial uses (excluding parks, playgrounds, nursing homes, child care facilities, schools or other residential-style facilities or recreation areas).
General Permit No. WMGR096 does not authorize blending or processing of fill with the purpose of meeting the concentration limits specified in Table GP-1 of the permit.
The Department plans to re-notice proposed modifications to the base General Permit in the Pennsylvania Bulletin and provide for another 60-day public comment period after the comments received have been appropriately evaluated and addressed.
Persons interested in obtaining a copy of the renewed general permit may contact Chris Solloway, Division of Municipal and Residual Waste, Bureau of Waste Management, P.O. Box 69170, Harrisburg, PA 17106-9170, call 717-787-7381 or send email to:
[Posted: December 6, 2019]

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