Sunday, February 3, 2019

UPDATED: Post-Gazette-Litvak: DEP Monitoring Pressure Problem From Fracking Deep Gas Well In Westmoreland County, Crews Coming From Out Of State To Kill The Well

On February 2, Anya Litvak of the Post-Gazette reported a CNX Resources Corp Utica Shale gas well in Washington Township, Westmoreland County experienced a pressure problem on January 26 during fracking operations.  An obstruction was found in the well after it stopped fracking.
Four nearby conventional shallower wells showed spikes in pressure which indicated some communication between the as in the Utica well and those wells.
A special well control team has been summoned from out-of-state to kill the well and by the evening of February 2 (Saturday) that has not yet happened.
The well is located near the Municipal Authority of Westmoreland County’s Beaver Run Reservoir which the Authority said has not been affected by the problems at the well.
DEP Update
At 11:30  TODAY, DEP provided this update on the situation at the well--
CNX reported an incident at its Shaw 1G well on the evening of Saturday, January 26. 
Throughout this week, DEP’s Oil & Gas program has been, and continues to be, in regular communication with CNX on the well control issue.
During the fracking stage of the Utica well, CNX experienced a significant loss of pressure and potential communication with other nearby conventional wells.
DEP requested—and is receiving—multiple daily updates from CNX. Once the issue is under control, the department will request a root cause analysis from CNX.
DEP’s Emergency Response and Oil & Gas personnel will be on site 24/7 until the well is under control and the Department will continue to investigate this matter.
DEP’s Safe Drinking Water program is in communication with the Municipal Authority of Westmoreland County (MAWC) on precautions to the Beaver Run Reservoir.
MAWC reported to DEP that it has been sampling the reservoir and MAWC’s intake is one to two miles from the well site.  MAWC has been in communication with CNX.
MAWC reported no issues or abnormalities to DEP, but—like all public water systems—has emergency response plans if necessary.
There are no issues with private water wells that DEP is aware of.

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