Monday, February 11, 2019

Philadelphia Residents Invited To Rain Check Workshops To Learn How They Can Help Reduce Stormwater Pollution

The Philadelphia Green City, Clean Waters Program, PA Horticultural Society, Philadelphia Area Sustainable Business Network are inviting residents to one of 7 upcoming Rain Check Workshops from February 19 to March 29 to learn how they can help reduce stormwater pollution through some simple changes around your home.
Are you interested in replacing an empty front yard with a garden? Need to fix a cracked rear patio? Trying to save water to use on your parched potted plants?
Rain Check can provide funding for these home improvement projects and more.
Through Rain Check, you can save money, improve your landscaping and help protect Philadelphia’s rivers and streams.
Participate in the program and Philadelphia residents will join more than 5,000 Philadelphia residents who have installed stormwater management tools on their properties to stop pollution from entering our waterways.
Every Philadelphia resident can help to improve the health of rivers in Philadelphia.
Flowers in rain gardens, new permeable paver patios and rain barrels can all spruce up a property, but these tools do more than look nice.
Each of these landscaping amenities plays an important role in capturing stormwater that would otherwise contribute to sewer overflows that hurt Philly’s rivers.
As you plan your improvements, Rain Check can help you pay for and install certain stormwater reduction tools.
Click Here to register for a workshop or to learn more.  Questions should be directed to 215-988-8767 or send email to:
(Photo: City rain garden.)

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