Saturday, January 12, 2019

Water Resources Advisory Committee Meets On Chapt. 102 ePermitting, Alternative To TMDLs, Small Project Permit, Floodplain Restoration Jan. 24

DEP’s Water Resources Advisory Committee is scheduled to meet on January 24 to discuss a variety of issues, including--
-- Chapter 102 ePermitting: An update on the status of e-permitting for erosion and sedimentation control permits.  Click Here for presentation.
-- Alternative To TMDLs: A presentation on how the Total Maximum Daily Load watershed plan process will be changing to include Alternative Restoration Plans designed to be more effective in dealing with small agricultural watersheds.  Click Here for presentation.
-- NPDES PAG-01 Small Project Permit: A discussion of the NPDES permit for earth disturbance activities associated with small construction activities which DEP hopes will simplify the permit process for many development projects.
-- Legacy Sediment Restoration: A presentation on legacy sediment restoration and the results of the Big Spring Run Project in Lancaster County.
The meeting will be held in Room 105 of the Rachel Carson Building in Harrisburg starting at 9:30.
For more information and available handouts, visit the Water Resources Advisory Committee webpage.  Questions should be directed to Diane Wilson, 717-787-3720 or by sending email to:

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