Friday, July 6, 2018

DEP Posts July Update To List Of Technical Guidance Documents It’s Working On

The Department of Environmental Protection published the July update to the Non-Regulatory Agenda listing the technical guidance documents DEP will be developing or finalizing over the coming year in the July 7 PA Bulletin.
The Non-Regulatory Agenda is similar to the Regulatory Agenda also published by DEP twice a year giving notice of regulations in development or to be finalized (March 2018 page 1374)  DEP also has a Regulatory Update that posts to provide a listing of regulations in process.
Just a few of the technical guidance documents to be considered this year and early next are--
Public Participation
-- Policy For Development and Publication of Technical Guidance: Final 3rd Quarter
-- Policy For Development, Approval And Availability of Regulations: Final 1st Quarter 2019
-- Policy On Public Participation in The Development of Regulations & Technical Guidance: Draft 1st Quarter 2019
-- Advisory Committee Guidelines: Final 3rd Quarter
Environmental Justice
-- Environmental Justice Public Participation Policy: Draft 3rd Quarter
Oil & Gas
-- Civil Penalty Assessments: Draft 4th Quarter
-- Implementing Area Of Review For Unconventional Wells: Final 3rd Quarter
-- Restoration, Replacement of Private Water Supplies: Final 3rd Quarter
Water Resources
-- PA Function Based Compensation Protocol: Final 4th Quarter
-- In Lieu Fee Program Compensation Policy: Interim-Final 2nd Quarter 2019
-- Act 162 Implementation Plan For Buffers: Final 4th Quarter
-- Riparian Buffer Or Buffer Equivalency Demonstration: Final 4th Quarter
-- Riparian Buffer Offset: Final 4th Quarter
-- Agricultural Erosion & Sedimentation Control Manual: Draft 4th Quarter
-- Water Quality Certification For Interstate Natural Gas Pipelines: Final 1st Quarter
-- Radon Mitigation Standards: Draft 1st Quarter 2019
Safe Drinking Water
-- Working Guide To The Lead & Copper Rule: Draft 3rd Quarter
-- Field Compliance Policy: Draft 1st Quarter 2019
-- Water Allocation Permit Applications: Draft 1st Quarter 2019
Onlot Septic Systems
-- Onlot Wastewater Technology Verification Protocol: Draft 1st Quarter
-- Site Suitability and Alternatives Analysis: Draft 1st Quarter
Storage Tanks
-- Verification of Emergency Containment Structures For Aboveground Tanks: Final 1st Quarter 2019
-- Monitoring Radioactivity At Solid Waste Facilities: Draft 1st Quarter 2019
The Non-Regulatory Agenda was developed in response to a recommendation from DEP’s Citizens Advisory Council as a tool to increase public participation and transparency.

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