Friday, July 6, 2018

Bookshelf: Grassroots To Global: Broader Impacts Of Civic Ecology

Dr. Marianne E. Krasny is the editor of a new book-- Grassroots To Global: Broader Impacts Of Civic Ecology-- that weaves chapters by 27 different contributors into a story about participation approaches of local environmental stewardship groups and organizations from around the world.
Pennsylvania contributor Robert Hughes, Executive Director of the Eastern PA Coalition for Abandoned Mine Reclamation co-wrote one of the chapters on his experience in the coalfields of Pennsylvania.
“I am so thankful to have been able to tell my personal story of adversity and challenges I faced growing up in the heart of the Coalfields in the Anthracite Region and the difference that myself, and my Staff and volunteers of EPCAMR have been making over the last 20+ years!” said Hughes.  “Thank You Dr. Krasny for allowing a small piece of my life and a big part of our work to be shared globally, while I hope to inspire many of us to continue to act locally!”
Chapters focus on questions that include:
-- How might faith-based institutions in Chicago expand the work of church-community gardens?
-- How do volunteer "nature cleaners" in Tehran attempt to change Iranian social norms?
-- How does an international community in Baltimore engage local people in nature restoration while fostering social equity?
-- And can a loose coalition that transforms blighted areas in Indian cities into pocket parks become a social movement?
From the findings of the authors’ diverse case studies, editor Marianne Krasny provides a way to help readers understand the greater implications of civic ecology practices through the lens of multiple disciplines.
Grassroots To Global: Broader Impacts Of Civic Ecology is available on Amazon or wherever books are sold.
(Photo: Robert Hughes.)
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