Monday, June 4, 2018

Independence Conservancy Completes Raccoon Creek Stream Bank, Buffer Project In Beaver County

Nonprofits Independence Conservancy and Stream Restoration Inc. recently completed a stream bank and buffer project on the main stem of Raccoon Creek in Potter Township, Beaver County funded by a  $99,785 DEP Growing Greener Watershed Protection Program Grant.
Implementing key recommendations of the 2014 Raccoon Creek Region Conservation Plan, the project reduces erosion and riparian habitat loss, lessens sediment loading and re-establishes a streamside buffer of native vegetation.
The project also addressed an abandoned pipeline, exposed by bank erosion, which posed a hazard to recreational use of the creek.
Bioengineering and traditional techniques reinforce the eroding streambank: re-grading, stone toe protection, rootwad deflectors, live-stakes, brush layering, rock vanes, and erosion control blankets.  
500 feet of streambank was re-shaped, while an additional 400 feet was enhanced with live-stakes and riparian buffer plantings.  Japanese knotweed was treated and replaced with native vegetation.
Additional permitting allowed for partial removal of a gravel bar, deflecting stream energy away from the eroding bank and towards the center of the channel during higher flows.  
This high-profile project generated interest among local residents, adjacent landowners, and municipal officials.
Two dozen enthusiastic volunteers planted 2,700 live-stakes, 800 native tree and shrub seedlings, and 15 balled & burlapped shade trees within the 900-foot riparian buffer.
Neighboring landowner Shell Pennsylvania Chemicals donated 2,000 tons of native sandstone boulders to build four rock vanes, a kayak launch and visitor-friendly features.
With in-kind contributions and donations, the original scope of work, and more, was finished in April of 2018, on time and within the grant budget.
Partners include BioMost, Inc.; Independence Conservancy, Inc.; Department of Environmental Protection; Foundation for Pennsylvania Watersheds; Shell Pennsylvania Chemicals; and Beaver County Conservation District.
For more information on programs, initiatives and upcoming events, visit the Independence Conservancy website, send email to: or drop them a line at: Independence Conservancy, Inc., PO Box 248, Industry, PA 15052.
Growing Greener Apps Due July 13
Applications for the next round of Growing Greener Grants are due July 13.
(Photo: Looking upstream across the length of the repaired buffer on April 7, 2018. Root wads and toe boulders held up well against ice chunks and several winter floods. Most of the erosion control blanket had to be replaced.  A generator-powered hammer drill made quick work of preparing holes, and kept a young helper engaged.)

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