Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Sen. Dinniman Promotes Crowd-Funding For Mariner East II Pipeline Risk Assessment

Sen. Andy Dinniman (D-Chester) Monday promoted an effort by local residents to crowd-fund a risk assessment for the Sunoco Mariner East II Pipeline.
“Residents impacted by the pipeline and members of local and regional citizens groups have really hit the ground running on this,” Sen. Dinniman said. “There’s much more work ahead, but thanks to the efforts of so many, we’ve already made great progress in only a short time.”
The group has developed criteria for the independent risk assessment, begun reaching out to companies in preparation for soliciting bids, and raised more than $12,000 in just over a week’s time. Those interested in donating can do so at.
“There is no question that an independent risk assessment of this project is sorely needed. Despite our multiple requests, the DEP, the Public Utility Commission, and the Governor’s Office seem either unable or unwilling to do it. So, we have no choice but to move ahead on our own,” Sen. Dinniman said.
He said also the group’s initial progress is a testament to the importance of the issue of pipeline safety and that, according to organizers, donations continue to pour in from throughout the region and the state.
“I’m confident that we’ll reach our goal and succeed where government agencies are falling short in meeting their constitutional duty to protect the health, safety, and well-being of our citizens,” he said. “We’ve built a very well-organized and well-informed coalition of committed individuals who are dedicated to seeing this through for the sake of their communities, families, and children.”
Click Here to participate in the crowd-funding effort.
Future meetings are currently being planned. Those interested in participating should contact Don Vymazal of Senator Dinniman’s office by sending email to: dvymazal@pasenate.com or call or 610-692-2112.

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