Thursday, February 8, 2018

Report: Green Buildings, Green Infrastructure Can Generate $3.6 Billion In Benefits To Philadelphia

A new report released Tuesday by Capital-E shows the costs and benefits of cities adopting citywide smart building, renewable and green infrastructure technologies like green roofs, porous pavements, rain gardens and tree plantings.  The report used Philadelphia as an example saying it could generate $3.6 billion in benefits over 40 years.
The report-- Delivering Urban Resilience-- said adopting these technologies can improve health and comfort, expand jobs and slow global warming resulting in billions of dollars in net financial benefits.
Philadelphia, the report notes, is already implementing some of these technologies in its Green City, Clean Water green infrastructure and other energy initiatives.
Will Baker, President of the Chesapeake Bay Foundation and one of the partners in the report said, “The report Delivering Urban Resilience provides the first comprehensive documentation of the full benefits associated with roof and surface technologies such as green roofs, porous surfaces, and rain gardens as well as cool roofs and solar PV.
“What this report demonstrates is that these strategies have large health, resilience, livability and financial benefits that have to date been very poorly understand and largely ignored.
“These strategies should be adopted city-wide by all cities including those that border or drain into the Chesapeake. Doing so would provide enormous net benefits for the cities and for the Chesapeake Bay.
“This report demonstrates that these strategies are extremely cost effective and should be rapidly adopted throughout the entire Chesapeake Bay region as a matter of prudence, good policy and common sense.”
Capital E works with cities, companies and financial institutions to design, scale, and implement clean energy and low carbon strategies and technologies.
Click Here for a copy of the report.

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