Friday, November 3, 2017

Winter Reliability Reports Now Available From Natural Gas Distribution Companies

Public Utility Commission Friday released 2017 Winter Reliability Overview Reports from the state’s major natural gas distribution companies, along with a related Readiness Report from the Energy Association of Pennsylvania.
The reports provide insights regarding preparations for conditions that may affect service reliability, supply and prices for the winter months, including topics such as system readiness; employee safety/readiness; communications outreach; gas supply and planning; and natural gas demand for electric generators.
“Ensuring the safe and reliable operation of utility systems is a top priority, especially as winter approaches,” said PUC Chairman Gladys M. Brown.  “These reports detail the steps being taken by natural gas distribution companies under the PUC’s jurisdiction to prepare for extreme cold and severe winter conditions.”
The winter readiness can be viewed using the following links:
In addition to promoting preparedness by utilities, the Commission also encourages consumers to take steps now to ready themselves for colder temperatures and higher energy demands.
The PUC’s Prepare Now campaign educates consumers about the availability of low-income programs; increases consumer awareness of ways to reduce winter heating costs; and educates consumers on energy conservation.  
It also encourages consumers to check electric and natural gas bills and supplier contracts, and use the PUC’s and websites as resources to shop for services and learn more about conservation and energy efficiency.
For more information, visit the PUC’s Winter Reliability Overview Reports webpage.
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