Friday, August 4, 2017

Natural Lands: Endangered Sedge Wren Spotted At Gwynedd Preserve, Montgomery County

Natural Lands Thursday announced a rare bird species was recently spotted by visitors at Gwynedd Preserve in Montgomery County-- the Sedge Wren, a small bird that breeds in grass, sedges, marshes, and meadows.
As a nomadic bird, the Sedge Wren may be present in a location in one year while being absent the next. A wide range of suitable habitat of meadows and grassland is vital for its survival.
They are rare throughout their migratory range and have largely disappeared from Pennsylvania, where they are considered endangered and protected under the Game and Wildlife Code of the Game Commission.
Sedge Wren reports are sparse in Eastern Pennsylvania, and birders are keen to experience this rare occurrence.  Habitat loss is a significant factor in their population decline.
The Gwynedd Preserve, a 279 acres of former farmland, has been carefully restored to forest and meadow. A walk along the trails reveals a re-emerging ecosystem of native flora including warm-season grasses and native wildflowers.
This ecosystem provides suitable habitat for the Sedge Wren, which prefers to build its nests in damp meadows and grassland.
To catch a glimpse of this rare bird or hear its song visitors can hike the Purple loop trail at Gwynedd Preserve. Visitors are urged to stay on the trails, as walking through the meadows can disturb the Sedge Wren and other ground-nesting birds.
Gwynedd Preserve is one of 18 public preserves managed by Natural Lands, a land conservation organization dedicated to preserving open space. The preserve is free to visitors, thanks to the support of our members.
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