Tuesday, August 1, 2017

August Green Infrastructure Newsletter Now Available From LandStudies

The August Green Infrastructure newsletter is now available from Lancaster-based LandStudies featuring articles on--
The Stormwater Equipment Manufacturers Association (SWEMA) and the Chesapeake Stormwater Network found through separate studies that many (i.e. more than 50 percent) municipalities have no stormwater BMP maintenance program in place, and in many cases, didn’t even know what BMPs were or whether any were installed in their communities. That is a problem! What you don’t routinely take care of can easily fall into disrepair. To learn how to maintain BMPs so that they function properly for their intended lifespan, Click Here.
What do you do when you want to control insect pests or weeds on a site but also want to be considerate of other plants and animals, as well as water quality concerns? You choose integrated pest management (IPM) or integrated vegetation management (IVM). Both IPM and IVM take into consideration the specific pest (insect, plant, rodent, etc.) and determine the most cost-effective, least harmful to non-targets, and most effective method(s) to control the situation. To learn more about these landscape management techniques, Click Here.
A stream restoration project that LandStudies did at the TPC Potomac golf course was mentioned in the Washington Post on June 28. You can read more about it and the positive impact it has on PGA tour golfers and their game, Click Here.
LandStudies’ staff member, Nick Myers, attended a new certification program on July 24 to become a certified Chesapeake Bay Landscape Professional. The program is for those landscape professionals who design, install, and maintain conservation landscapes and stormwater practices. The program provides expert trainers, hands-on experiences, and networking and collaborative practice opportunities. To learn more about the program, Click Here.
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For more information, visit the LandStudies website or contact Christine Le, 717-726-4440 or send email to: christine@LandStudies.com.  LandStudies is certified as a Woman’s Business Enterprise (WBE), Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) and Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) based in Lititz, Lancaster County.   Follow LandStudies on Twitter, Like them on Facebook.

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