Friday, July 7, 2017

PUC Opens Comment Period On Third Party Electric Vehicle Charging Issues

The Public Utility Commission published notice in the July 8 PA Bulletin formally opening the public comment period on issues related to third party electric vehicle charging.  Comments will be accepted through August 21.
The PUC is seeking comments in response to a motion made by PUC Chairman Gladys M. Brown in May and adopted by the Commission.
The PUC is asking for comments on the following:
-- What restrictions, if any, each EDCs existing tariff places on the resale/redistribution of electric power by third-party EV charging.
-- The advantages and disadvantages of specific tariff provisions permitting unrestricted resale/redistribution of electric power when done for the purpose of third-party EV charging.
-- Whether it is appropriate to encourage EDCs across this Commonwealth to move toward a tariff design, such as that of Duquesne, which includes provisions permitting the resale/redistribution of electric power for third-party EV charging.
-- What other resale/redistribution tariff provision designs may aid in establishing clear rules for third-party EV charging stations.
-- What other regulatory options may aid in establishing clear resale/redistribution rules for third-party EV charging stations.
Comments referencing Docket No. M-2017-2604382 should be submitted to the Public Utility Commission, Attn: Secretary, Commonwealth Keystone Building, 2nd Floor, 400 North Street, Harrisburg, PA 17120.
(Photo: Weis Markets/Tesla Vehicle Charging Station, Union Deposit Road, Harrisburg.)

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