Wednesday, July 19, 2017

NFWF, William Penn Foundation Award Delaware Watershed Restoration Grants, 6 In PA

The National Fish and Wildlife Foundation and the William Penn Foundation awarded $2.28 million in funding for Delaware River Restoration Fund projects on July 13, six of the projects are in, or partially in, the Pennsylvania portion of the watershed--
-- Partnership For The Delaware Estuary Middle Schuylkill Farm Restoration Initiative To Implement BMPs, $500,000 matched by $2.3 million: The Partnership for the Delaware Estuary will implement whole-farm agricultural best management practices (BMPs), attract and educate additional farmers on the importance of conservation stewardship, engage new and innovative partners, and improve surface water quality in three compact watersheds in Berks County. The project will provide technical assistance to 20 farmers, provide outreach about BMPs to 600 individuals, implement 540 acres of BMPs and restore 2.5 miles of riparian buffers.
-- Stroud Water Research Center Installation of Farm BMPs in the Brandywine-Christina Watersheds, $150,000 matched by $153,000: Stroud Water Research Center will provide outreach, technical, and financial assistance to landowners to plan and implement whole farm best management practices, leverage state and federal sources for costs and offer vouchers for forested buffers in the Christina River basin. The project will engage up to 60 farmers and community leaders about agricultural best management practices, restore 1.5 miles of riparian habitat, and restore three acres of wetlands that will result in reduced pollutant loads, as well as improved water quality.
-- Brandywine Red Clay Alliance Stream and Buffer Restoration of Plum Run, $182,688 matched by $615,000: Brandywine Red Clay Alliance will restore 5,100 fee of Plum Run (photo) using stream bank stabilization, in-stream structures, floodplain bench, riparian fringe wetland construction, and a tree and shrub buffer to improve habitat and water quality. The project will restore 2.5 acres of floodplains, 0.25 acres of wetlands, one mile of riparian habitat and one mile of instream habitat resulting in reduced pollutant loads and improved water quality.
-- Brandywine Conservancy & Museum of Art Assessment for Improving Stormwater Management in Plum Run, $67,246 matched by $34,000: Brandywine Conservancy will conduct a feasibility assessment that will develop a suite of stormwater management techniques, identify and prioritize opportunities for improving stormwater management, and conduct outreach to municipalities, local homeowner associations, and other community leaders within the upper reaches of the Plum Run. The project will educate 400 people and four municipalities on identifying and prioritizing green stormwater infrastructure.
-- Cheltenham Township Pervious Parking & Stormwater Management at Curtis Arboretum, $100,000 matched by $271,485: Cheltenham Township will reduce runoff and improve water quality at Curtis Arboretum in Montgomery County by implementing 3.25 acres of managed native grass and wildflower meadows, and installing porous pavement on an expanded visitor parking area. The project will result in 4.5 acres of best management practices for stormwater runoff.
-- American Bird Conservancy Restoring Dynamic forest Structure For Priority Birds, $74,514 matched by $74,514: American Bird Conservancy will develop and implement a comprehensive forest management strategy for two Dynamic Forest Restoration Blocks in the Pocono Mountains in northeastern Pennsylvania that targets the long-term availability of diverse forest age classes. The project will benefit the entire reproductive cycle of golden-winged warbler, cerulean warbler, and wood thrush. Project will result in forest management of 2,500 acres of the Delaware State Forest and 11,500 acres of PA State Game Lands 180 in Pike County.
Click Here for the complete list of project receiving funding.
For more information on grants available from NFWF, visit the Delaware River Restoration Fund and the Chesapeake Bay Stewardship Fund webpages.

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