Wednesday, July 5, 2017

How The PA Supreme Court’s Environmental Rights Amendment Decision May Affect The Future

On June 20, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court issued what by any measure is a landmark decision in PEDF v. Commonwealth involving the Environmental Rights Amendment to the state constitution.  
While the decision dealt with the now unconstitutional transfer of monies from DCNR’s Oil and Gas Lease Fund to the state’s General Fund, the implications of the decision on future actions of the General Assembly in all areas, the actions of state agencies and local governments is potentially very broad.
Here are two recent reviews of the decision and its implications on the future by two key figures involved in the case--
-- PA Supreme Court Has Saved Our State Forests and Parks!  By John  E. Childe, Attorney for PA Environmental Defense Foundation
-- Taking The Public Trust Seriously: The PA Supreme Court’s Landmark Decision In PEDF v. Commonwealth.  By John Dernbach, Distinguished Professor of Law, Widener University
PA Environment Digest hopes you find them useful

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