Monday, July 10, 2017

House Committee Amends Admin Code Bill To Extend Recycling Fee, Set Manganese Standard, Study New State Park, Set Solar Borders

The House Appropriations Committee late Monday amended  Senate Bill 446 (McGarrigle-R- Delaware) in a party-line vote to add these provisions to the Administrative Code to--
-- Manganese Standard: Section 1920-A: Directs the Environmental Quality Board to propose regulations setting a point source water quality criterion for manganese to an upstream area within 5 miles or less of a know potable water supply or known private water supply within 90 days. (page 57) [Supported by the Coal Alliance adopting a standard used by West Virginia prohibiting enforcement of a manganese discharge standard unless it was within 5 miles of a water supply.]
-- Recycling Fee Extension: Section 1937-A: Extends the Act 101 $2 Recycling fee for three years through January 1, 2023 and funds shall not be transferred from the Recycling Fund to the Solid Waste Abatement Fund as required by Act 101. (page 57) [No doubt added as a sweetener since the Committee also reported out Senate Bill 646.]
-- Conventional Oil & Gas Wastewater Treatment: Section 1938-A: Requires water treatment facilities providing water disposal services exclusively to conventional oil and gas wells shall be allowed to operate under existing permits through December 31, 2019.  (page 58) [Supported by conventional oil & gas drilling industry and applies to three privately-operated conventional wastewater treatment facilities.]
-- Wyoming County State Park: Section 1902-B: Requires DCNR to conduct a feasibility study for the establishment of a state park in Wyoming County, including an appraisal of the fair market value of property proposed for a state park. (page 59) [No funding provided.]
-- Solar Borders: Section 2804: Requiring solar energy credits under the Alternative Energy Portfolio Standards to be purchased within Pennsylvania. (page 64) [Senate Bill 404 this session, House Bill 2040 last session.]
The Committee also reported out Senate Bill 646 (Killion-R-Delaware) extending the $2/ton Recycling Fee for one year until January 1, 2021 without changes.
Both bills now go to the full House for action.
The Senate Rules Committee has just scheduled a meeting for TODAY to consider Senate Bill 446 bill after it is passed by the House.

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