Monday, July 10, 2017

Chesapeake Bay Foundation Offering 2 Teacher Workshops in PA August 7-11

Time is short to register for two Chesapeake Bay Foundation teacher workshops for  Pennsylvania educators to be held from August 7 to 11--
-- Full STEAM Ahead: Exploring Environmental Literacy, Industry, And Art In PA meeting initially at the Halifax Middle School, 3940 Peters Mountain Road in Halifax, Dauphin County.
The workshop is open to K to 12 teachers in Adams, Cumberland, Dauphin, Franklin, Lancaster, Lebanon and York counties.
It will include not only classroom work, but multiple field trips.
Participants will use STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, and math) disciplines as a lens for engaging in hands-on, field-based investigations into Pennsylvania’s cultural and industrial history to better understand the impacts of technology, society, and industry on local ecology.
Participants will investigate the interdependent relationships between our waterways and historic Pennsylvania industries such as lumber, coal, iron production, agriculture, and transport. Participants will explore regional museums, nature centers, and heritage centers to learn from local experts.
-- Past To Present: Mapping The Chesapeake Bay Watershed is open to all educators and will be held at CBF’s Port Isobel Island and Fox Island Environmental Education Centers.
Bridge the gap between history and the present by exploring various historical and cultural perspectives of the Chesapeake Bay.
What did the Bay look before John Smith first explored its shores? How has it changed physically and socially over the years? During this course, you will hear from watermen, historians, Bay Natives, and others on their views of how the Bay has evolved over time, for better or worse.
The workshop will compare all of the information we collect along the way with historical and current geographic data to get a visual representation of these different perspectives.
This course will teach you how to obtain data, create maps of your own and come away with a basic understanding of how you can utilize GIS to educate your students in all areas of study. Teachers will be trained in GIS storymapping.
Click Here for more information and to register.
For more on Chesapeake Bay-related issues in Pennsylvania, visit the Chesapeake Bay Foundation-PA webpage.  Click Here to sign up for Pennsylvania updates (bottom of left column).  Click Here to support their work.
(Courtesy of the PA Association of Environmental Educators.)

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