Friday, May 5, 2017

Senate Resolution Urges Gov. Wolf To End Gas Leasing Moratorium On DCNR Lands

Sen. Camera Bartolotta (R-Washington) introduced Senate Resolution 104 Thursday urging Gov. Wolf to end the moratorium on new natural gas leases on Department of Conservation and Natural Resource lands and authorize the agency to again enter into leases in order to address the state’s growing budget deficit.
“For seventy years, the DCNR has managed the responsible mineral extraction of natural gas on state land,” said Sen. Bartolotta.  “According to the Department, approximately 1.5 million acres of the 2.2 million-acre state forest land are underlain by Marcellus and other shale gas formations, making it a key venue for developing this important energy source in Pennsylvania.”
“Restoring DCNR’s ability to provide new natural gas leases in a safe and responsible manner will generate much needed new revenue,” Sen. Bartolotta said.’ While the exact amount is difficult to determine given the current uncertainty in the energy markets, previous proposals estimated it could generate close to $100 million. This non-tax revenue option should be fully utilized before asking taxpayers to pay higher taxes.”
The resolution has 10 Republican co-sponsors.  A sponsor summary is available.
Senate Resolution 104 was referred to the Senate Environmental Resources and Energy Committee for consideration.  
Sen. Gene Yaw (R-Lycoming) serves as Majority Chair of the Senate Environmental Committee and can be contacted by sending email to:   He is a co-sponsor of the resolution.  
Sen. John Yudichak (D-Luzerne) serves as Minority Chair and can be contacted by sending email to:
For more information on this issue, visit DCNR’s Natural Gas Development and State Forests webpage.

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