Tuesday, May 9, 2017

EPA’s Patti Kay Wisniewski Honored With James McGirr Kelly Award

The National Association of Water Companies, PA Chapter Tuesday recognized Patti Kay Wisniewski, Drinking Water Security Coordinator in Region III of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, with its James McGirr Kelly Award for Excellence.
The organization honored Mrs. Wisniewski during its awards luncheon at the NAWC PA Chapter’s Annual Meeting in Harrisburg.
The James McGirr Kelly Award for Excellence is the highest honor bestowed by NAWC’s PA Chapter. The industry association presents the award each year to a resident of Pennsylvania who most exemplifies dedication to promoting the availability of safe drinking water in the Commonwealth.
“This award reflects our industry’s sincere gratitude to Patti Kay for her years of dedicated public service and advocacy for policies that promote a healthy environment and reinvestment in infrastructure to ensure safe and reliable water service for all Pennsylvanians,” said NAWC PA Chapter Chairman David Kaufman.
For many years, Patti Kay served as a Team Leader to state program managers while also overseeing the Pennsylvania drinking water program.
She has served as the Regulatory Development and Implementation Specialist in the drinking water program and as the Drinking Water Security and Counter-Terrorism Coordinator involved in agency initiatives surrounding security, preparedness, emergency response and counter-terrorism, most recently expanding into climate resiliency.
Patti Kay has provided timely information to the water industry about new federal drinking water regulations and the availability of numerous tools and resources available to utilities for planning, preparing and responding to emergencies and extreme weather.
“I’ve dedicated my 31-year career at EPA to helping others, internal and external to the agency,” said Mrs. Wisniewski. “I’m honored to be recognized by the drinking water industry in Pennsylvania and to join the distinguished list of recipients of this award, including my colleague at EPA, Rick Rogers.”
The NAWC PA Chapter’s Annual Meeting coincides with “Drinking Water Week” in Pennsylvania and featured presentations by Public Utility Commissioner David Sweet; Kelly Means, Executive Deputy Secretary for Programs at the Department of Environmental Protection; Rick Rogers, Acting Deputy Director of the Water Protection Division at EPA Region III; and an executive forum featuring utility executives from the member companies of the NAWC PA Chapter.
Past award winners include: 2016 Rep. John A. Maher (R-Allegheny), Majority Chair of the House Environmental Resources and Energy Committee, 2014 Rep. Robert Godshall, 2013 Erik A. Ross, long-time advocate for the Association, 2012 former DEP Executive Secretary John Hines, 2011 John Hanger, DEP Secretary, 2010 former PUC Commissioner Kim Pizzingrilli, 2009 Rep. Bud George, 2008 Rick Rogers, U.S. EPA Region 3, 2007 Paul K. Marchetti, 2005 Rep. Carole Rubley, 2004 Terrance J. Fitzpatrick, former Chair PUC, 2003 Fredrick A. Marrocco, DEP, 2002 David E. Hess, DEP Secretary, 2001 John M. Quain, former Chair PUC, 2000 Sen. Raphael J. Musto, 1999 Walter A. Lyon, 1998 Michael D. Klein, 1997 David A. Long, PhD, 1996 Gov. Tom Ridge, 1995 Sen. David J. Brightbill, 1994 Wendell F. Holland, 1993 William R. Shane, 1992 William R. Lloyd, 1991 Edith D. Stevens, 1990 Dr. Ruth Patrick, 1989 Gov. Robert P. Casey, 1988 Sen. D. Michael Fisher, 1987 George I. Bloom, 1986 Clifford L. Jones, DER Secretary, 1985 Dr. Maurice K. Goddard, DER Secretary, and in 1984 Gov. Dick Thornburgh.
Click Here for more background on Patti Kay and the Award.
(Photo: Dave Kaufman, Chair, National Association of Water Companies, PA Chapter; Patti Kay Wisniewski.)

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