Friday, December 16, 2016

DEP Publishes Schedule Of Advisory Committee, Board Meetings In 2017

The Department of Environmental Protection published the schedule of advisory committee and board meetings in 2017 in the December 17 PA Bulletin, page 7896.  The schedule also includes the name of the DEP staff contact for each group.
The meeting schedule includes the--
-- Aggregate Advisory Board: DEP Contact: Daniel E. Snowden, or 717-787-5103.
-- Agricultural Advisory Board: DEP Contact: Jay Braund, or 717-772-5636
-- Air Quality Technical Advisory Committee: DEP Contact: Kirit Dalal, or 717-772-3436.
-- Board Of Coal Mine Safety: DEP Contact: Allison Gaida, or 724-404-3147.
-- Citizens Advisory Council: DEP Contact: Katie Hetherington Cunfer, or 717-705-2693.
-- Climate Change Advisory Committee: DEP Contact: Mark Brojakowski, or 717-772-3429.
-- Coal & Clay Mine Subsidence Insurance Fund Board: DEP Contact: Lawrence Ruane, or 717-783-9590.
-- Coastal Zone Advisory Committee: DEP Contact: Stacey Box, or 717-772-5622.
-- Environmental Justice Advisory Board: DEP Contact: Carl Jones, or 484-250-5818.
-- Environmental Quality Board: DEP Contact: Laura Edinger, or 717-772-3277.
-- Laboratory Accreditation Advisory Committee: DEP Contact: Aaren Alger, or 717-346-7200.
-- Low-Level Radioactive Waste Advisory Committee: DEP Contact: Rich Janati, or 717-787-2147.
-- Mine Families First Response & Communications Advisory Council: DEP Contact: Allison Gaida, or 724-404-3147.
-- Mining & Reclamation Advisory Board: DEP Contact: Daniel E. Snowden, or 717-787-5103.
-- Oil & Gas Technical Advisory Board: DEP Contact: Todd Wallace, or 717-83-9438.
-- PA Energy Development Authority: DEP Contact: Dave Althoff, or 717-783- 8411.
-- Radiation Protection Advisory Committee: DEP Contact: Joseph Melnic, or 717-783-9730.
-- Recycling Fund Advisory Committee: DEP Contact: Laura Henry, or 717-772-5713.
-- Sewage Advisory Committee (On-lot Systems): DEP Contact: Brian Schlauderaff, or 717-772-5620.
-- Small Business Compliance Advisory Committee (Air Quality): DEP Contact: Nancy Herb, or 717-783-9269.
-- Small Water Systems Technical Assistance Center Board: DEP Contact: Dawn Hissner, or 717-772-2189.
-- Solid Waste Advisory Committee: DEP Contact: Laura Henry, or 717-772-5713.
-- State Board For Certification Of Sewage Enforcement Officers: DEP Contact: Kristen Szwajkowski, or 717-772-2186.
-- Storage Tank Advisory Committee: DEP Contact: Dawn Heimbach, or 717-772-5556.
-- Technical Advisory Committee on Diesel-Powered Equipment (Deep Mine Safety): DEP Contact: Peggy Scheloske, or 724-404-3143.
-- Water Resources Advisory Committee: DEP Contact: Diane Wilson, or 717-787-3730.
Click Here for links to the webpages of all DEP advisory committees.
The PA Grade Crude (Oil) Development Council established by Act 52 of 2016 to provide DEP with advice on its regulatory program for conventional oil and gas drilling is actually housed in the Department of Community and Economic Development.  No meeting dates have yet been announced for the Council.  The Council replaces DEP’s Conventional Oil and Gas Advisory Committee.

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