Friday, December 2, 2016

DEP Final Report On Tenmile Creek In Greene County Shows No Radioactivity Danger

In a follow-up study to a report released in December 2015, the Department of Environmental Protection Thursday confirmed there is no radiation concern for Tenmile Creek in Greene County near the Clyde Mine Water Treatment Facility.
“The results from testing conducted throughout 2016 were similar to those taken in 2015, at which time DEP concluded there was no risk of radioactivity,” said John Stefanko, DEP Executive Deputy Secretary for Programs. “The samples for this study were put through rigorous testing and reached the same conclusions.”
All water samples were below the EPA drinking water limit of 5 picocuries per liter(pC/L) for radium-226 and radium-228. Any radiation that was detected was consistent with background levels for southwest Pennsylvania.
DEP’s Bureau of Laboratories personnel conducted the radiological analyses using several analytical methods. Water samples were analyzed using radiochemistry extraction methods, consistent with EPA standards.
In addition, water samples were analyzed using EPA-approved methods for the same non-radiological parameters performed in June 2015. The Bureau of Laboratories staff tested for typical water quality parameters associated with coal mine drainage and the major cations and anions commonly found in groundwater in Pennsylvania.
After reviewing the non-radiological parameters of the raw and treated mine discharge samples, DEP’s Bureau of Mining Programs personnel concluded that the analysis results from 2016 are comparable to those from June 2015 and within a normal range of fluctuation for these parameters that would be expected when sampling occurs at various times throughout the year.
A complete copy of the sample results and analysis is available online.
DEP Report: No Radioactivity Danger In 10 Mile Creek
DEP Says Greene County Streams Poses No Radiation Concern

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