Monday, September 12, 2016

Residents Of 3 Pittsburgh Communities Can Get Free Solar Energy Quote Sept. 22

Solarize Allegheny’s Churchill, Wilkins and Chalfant Project, a community-supported solar campaign run by non-profit SmartPower, will officially launch on September 22 at the Edgewood Country Club at 100 Churchill Road in Pittsburgh.
A reception with light refreshments, a cash bar and music from James Hovan will kick-off the event at 6:00 p.m. with a presentation about solar energy at 7:00 p.m.
Attendees will meet the selected solar installers and can sign-up to get a free solar quote for their home or business.
Free registration for the event can be found online.
“Churchill, Wilkins and Chalfant are proud and excited to bring Solarize to our communities with the hope to inspire our residents to consider solar energy as a clean, renewable source of electricity,” said Churchill Borough councilman Ray Jurewicz who is also the Solarize Churchill, Wilkins & Chalfant team lead. “The sun always shines in the eastern suburbs, and we have plenty of energy to share!”
Sharon Pillar, consultant manager of the Solarize Allegheny Program for SmartPower said, “Solar works very well in western Pennsylvania and even better than in other regions that get less sun, but have installed more solar energy, such as Germany - the leading solar nation - and Ontario, Canada. A home in Wilkins can create as much solar electricity over a year as a home in Arizona simply by adding an extra solar panel or two. We’ve entered a new age – we can continue to rent our electricity from the utility or own and produce it ourselves. Paying the electric bill has become an investment rather than a monthly drain on the bank account.”
The three communities applied to participate in the Solarize Allegheny program, which aims to significantly increase the amount of solar within the County.
The robust on-the-ground outreach campaign will help homeowners and businesses over the next few months to connect directly to local, pre-screened, qualified solar installers who will offer competitive bids, guidance and help to go solar.
Since January 2015, there have been 17 communities who have participated in Solarize Allegheny and more than 600 people who have registered to receive a quote for solar for their homes or business.
Anyone can request a quote through the program by going to the Solarize Allegheny website..
Solarize Allegheny is made possible through support from the Heinz Endowments, the Allegheny County Health Department Clean Air Fund and the nonprofit organization SmartPower, as well as from borough officials and volunteers who are spearheading this effort in their communities.
For more information, visit the Solarize Allegheny website or contact Sharon Pillar  by sending email to: or 412-215-5995 or contact Churchill councilman Ray Jurewicz by sending email to:

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