Tuesday, March 15, 2016

EPA Accepting Applications For 2016 Toxics Release Inventory University Challenge

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is now accepting applications for its 2016 Toxics Release Inventory University Challenge.  Applications are due March 27.
The TRI University Challenge aims to increase awareness of the TRI Program and data within academic communities; expose students to TRI data, tools, and analysis; and generate innovative programs, activities, recommendations, or research that improve the accessibility, awareness, and use of TRI data.
EPA is looking to academic institutions to help build a diverse portfolio of practical and replicable projects that benefit communities, the environment, academic institutions, and the TRI Program.
EPA welcomes the submission of any project proposal that advances the knowledge, use, and understanding of TRI data and related information. In reviewing proposals for the 2016 Challenge, EPA is giving priority to projects that focus on the following themes:
-- Promoting Broader Use of TRI Data by Academics and Other External Users; and
-- Using TRI to Measure Program Effectiveness.
Anyone who is affiliated with an accredited college or university is welcome to apply. Proposed projects may range from one semester to multi-year research or coursework. Applicants may include, but are not limited to: Undergraduate/graduate students with faculty leadership; Academic faculty and researchers; and Ph.D. candidates
For more information, visit EPA’s 2016 TRI University Challenge webpage.

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