Thursday, March 17, 2016

DEP Conducts Mine Rescue Safety Training Drill In Scranton

Staff from the Department of Environmental Protection’s Deep Mine Safety Program conducted a mine rescue drill for local mining rescue teams on March 16 at the Lackawanna Coal Mine in Scranton.
The focus of the drill was to educate miners on proper techniques for dealing with a mine fire as well as the rescue of a patient.  
Teams of three entered the mine and had to safely address: carbon monoxide and methane levels, a fire below and rescuing a miner trapped deep in the mines.  Each team was evaluated for its performance.
The Deep Mine Safety program staff is required to hold these drills twice a year.
DEP staff who took part include: Troy Wolfgang, David Williams, Jeffrey Stanchek, Scott Wolfgang, Steven Geist, Arthur Snyder, Jeffrey Harman, Terry Wolfgang, Kenneth Dengler and Larry Graver.
For more information, visit DEP’s Deep Mine Safety Program webpage.
(Reprinted from the March 17 DEP News.  Click Here to sign up for your own copy.)

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