Thursday, November 12, 2015

DEP: Elcon Facility Meets Hazardous Waste Facility Siting Criteria In Bucks County

The Department of Environmental Protection Thursday announced it has determined the Phase I portion of Elcon Recycling Services, LLC’s hazardous waste application is in conformance with the Phase I exclusionary siting criteria at its proposed location in Falls Township, Bucks County.
The Phase I siting module portion of the application determines if the proposed facility site conforms to the exclusionary criteria established in DEP’s hazardous waste regulations.
Because Elcon’s facility site was not excluded by any of the relevant criterion, Elcon may now submit the remainder of its hazardous waste application.
“While the site may be shown to conform to the Phase I exclusionary criteria, the applicant still must satisfy the Phase II criteria and the full permit application review process before a hazardous waste permit would be issued,” said Southeast Regional Director Cosmo Servidio. “Satisfaction of the Phase I review process only allows an applicant to proceed with the hazardous waste application process. It does not equate to final approval of the project. In addition, Elcon must obtain any and all other necessary permits that will be subject to their own administrative process. During the Phase II process DEP will hold a public comment period and convene public hearings and meetings.”
Upon submission of the remainder of the hazardous waste application, DEP will review the application, which will include detailed information regarding Elcon’s proposed operations and design plans, as well as a further assessment of environmental impacts using the non-exclusionary Phase II siting criteria, to determine the acceptability of the facility site.
If new information or changed conditions are identified during the full application review that impact the Phase I determination, DEP is not precluded from re-evaluating the facility site’s conformance with Phase I criteria.
Phase II criteria are established to identify further environmental, social, and economic factors which may affect the suitability of a location for a proposed facility.
If risks to the public health or safety, or to significant natural, scenic, historic, or aesthetic values are apparent, which, in the judgment of DEP, render the proposed facility site unacceptable for a hazardous waste treatment facility, DEP may include conditions in the permit which eliminate or reduce the identified risks or may deny the permit application.
For more information, contact Virginia Cain, DEP, by calling 484-250-5808.

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