Friday, November 6, 2015

DEP, DCNR Launch New Website Designs, Transition Will Take Some Time

The Department of Environmental Protection (note new web address: and the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources Friday launched a new website designs which significantly changes the way information is organized and made available to the public.  It will take some getting used to.
New DEP Design
According to a notice on the website, the best bridge from the old website to the new one  is through the Site Map link on the new homepage.  You can also enter search terms in the search box at the top.
There are drop down menus for Citizens, Businesses, Public Participation and Data and Tools at the very top of the homepage that include many of the links that were at the left panel of the old website.
Three main blocks at the bottom of the homepage will be constantly changing-- Top Pages, Newsroom and Video Spotlight.  There are also links on the homepage to the DEP Facebook, Twitter and YouTube Channel.
Folks will just have to noodle around on the new website design until they find what they want.  If you can’t find it, send email to:
New DCNR Design
DCNR’s new website design is a less radical change; at least many of the same main links are familiar like State Parks, Forestry, etc.
There are also more convenient links for Reservations, Find A Trail, Grants, Geology, Local Parks and Maps to find information quickly.
Drop down menus at the very top of the homepage-- Explore, Conserve, Communities-- include choices that were previously found on the Quick Links section of the old design.
The big blocks at the bottom of the homepage will also be changing over time-- News Releases, Explore The Outdoors, Woods That Work and How Do I?
There will also be a transition from the old DCNR site to the new one as underlying webpages are converted to the new format.
And if you really can’t find something, send an email to DCNR about the issue.
Both website design changes are part of an effort to overhaul the look and feel of all state agency websites.

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