Thursday, June 13, 2013

Chesapeake Bay Foundation: Pay More, Get Less, Senate Bill 994, Act Now!

Tuesday the Pennsylvania Senate Agriculture and Rural Affairs Committee approved legislation that will make it more difficult and expensive for Pennsylvanians to protect our rivers and streams.
This bill threatens to derail current clean water restoration efforts, and divert critical funding from proven, science-based clean water practices endorsed by Chesapeake Bay Foundation—in favor of proprietary, corporate-backed technologies that cost three times as much.
Put another way: These senators want us to pay more for less clean water.
This would be a major setback for our rivers and streams, especially for those that feed into the Bay. We have to stop Senate Bill 994 (Vogel-R-Beaver).
With scarce funding for clean water initiatives, we can’t let a dime that could go toward healing the rivers and streams in our backyards be wasted. Join us in telling the Senate: Stop this bill!
Click Here to help CBF block your taxpayer dollars from subsidizing expensive corporate-backed technologies that aren’t best for the Bay.
Senate Bill 994 isn’t about clean water. It’s about siphoning millions of tax-payer dollars to a handful of corporate entities.
The science-based solutions we support generally cost one-third what the private, nutrient reduction technologies do.
Cost-effective strategies are already being implemented broadly across the Commonwealth with great success. They’re helping farmers meet regulatory requirements and municipalities improve their bottom line by lowering infrastructure costs. They also help reduce flooding, protect drinking water, revitalize our communities, and support local economies.
Senate Bill 994 will not advance cost-effective or affordable pollution reductions in Pennsylvania streams and the Chesapeake Bay—it will merely subsidize a few private sector corporations and inflate the cost of clean water for Pennsylvanians. We have to stop it.
Click Here to urge your state senator to vote NO on this bill.
Pennsylvanians want truly affordable clean water solutions with a proven track record. While technology has a role, an emphasis on established clean water programs and effective pollution reduction practices must be our core focus.
Thanks for making your voice heard!
Kim Patten
Pennsylvania Outreach and Advocacy Manager
Chesapeake Bay Foundation

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