Wednesday, May 29, 2013

House Republican Budget Restores Conservation District, Heritage Parks Funding

The state budget proposed by House Republicans Wednesday restored $3.8 million in funding for conservation districts, adds $2 million for the Heritage Parks Program, restores $400,000 in funding for Sewage Facilities Planning Grants and provides a $4.4 million increase to the Department of Environmental Protection personnel line items.
The budget also cuts Commonwealth Financing Authority funding by $2.7 million and makes a 42.7 percent decrease to funding for the Joint Legislative Air and Water Pollution Control and Conservation Committee.
Differences with FY 2012-13 (Governor’s proposal)
Environmental Protection
General Fund - $129.2 million, 3.5 percent increase - $4.4 million (Governor's $127.6 million)
Conservation Districts - $2.8 million restored
Sewage Facilities Planning Grants - $400,000
Conservation and Natural Resources   
General Fund - $54.9 million, 4.2 percent increase - $2.2 million (Governor's $52.7 million)
Heritage Parks Grants - $2 million restored
General Fund - $123.1 million, 4.9 percent decrease - $6.3 million (Governor's $117.8 million)
Animal Health Commission costs transferred to Race Horse Fund - $4.3 million
General Government Operations - cut $3.1 million
Conservation Districts - $1 million restored
In announcing the proposal Wednesday, House Appropriations Committee Majority Chair Bill Adolph (R-Delaware) introduced House Bill 1437, the House Republican budget proposal for Fiscal Year 2013-14. The proposal spends $28.3 billion, which is a $578 million or 2.1 percent increase over the current fiscal year.
The Governor proposed a budget of $28.4 billion General Fund budget, but included some $175 million in projected savings through pension reform.  The current FY 2012-13 budget is $27.7 billion.
The proposal includes none of the proposed business tax cuts proposed by the Governor.
The budget contained in House Bill 1437 was based on current law and does not factor in any policy proposals currently being considered by the legislature.  It does not include pension reform proposal, any revenue from liquor privatization or the pending transportation funding proposals.
Click Here for the House Republican budget spreadsheet. Click Here for a highlights presentation on the proposal.

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