Thursday, April 12, 2012

Bradford County Likely To Vote Drilling Fee Today

Bradford County commissioners are likely to vote to impose a Marcellus Shale drilling fee, according to press reports.  This means counties with 4,404 of the 4,982 Marcellus wells are likely to adopt the fee by the April 16 deadline.
          That means 88 percent of the $211.1 million the Act is supposed to raise in revenue in 2012, or about $185.7 million and 12 percent less than the estimates, will be available to fund local and state programs under Act 13.
          Bradford County alone accounted for 1,008 of 4,982 Marcellus wells in the state.
          These numbers are still tentative since not all counties have taken the required action.
Bradford County Commissioners Will Vote For Drilling Fee

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