Friday, November 11, 2011

Nov. 14 PA Environment Digest Now Available

Nov. 14 PA Environment Digest now available. Click Here to print this Digest.

PEC, CBF Call For Tougher Measures In Senate/House Marcellus Shale Bills

Two of Pennsylvania’s leading environmental organizations Thursday called on the General Assembly to enact tougher environmental protections and a reasonable drilling impact fee in proposed legislation aimed at regulating development of the state’s Marcellus Shale natural gas reserves.
The groups pointed out the General Assembly has only 9 voting days left this year.
The Pennsylvania Environmental Council and the Chesapeake Bay Foundation have outlined a number of specific environmental protection measures that are critical to any legislation that passes into law.
The General Assembly is currently poised to take action on Senate Bill 1100 (Scarnati-R-Jefferson) and House Bill 1950 (Ellis-R-Butler), both of which are proposals for regulating the development of natural gas from the Marcellus Shale.

11 More Reasons To Support The Refunding Of A Refocused Growing Greener

The Renew Growing Greener Coalition Friday published a list of 11 more reasons to support the refunding of a refocused Growing Greener Program--

1. Keep our drinking water clean
2. Protect the air we breathe
3. Preserve our working farms and food supply
4. Enhance our local and regional economies and the Commonwealth tourism industry
5. Help local communities control flooding
6. Enhance our large conservation landscapes like our heritage areas and major greenway corridors
7. Reverse the scars left by coal mining and reclaim abandoned minelands
8. Enhance state and local outdoor recreational opportunities
9. Turn brownfields into useable spaces primed for economic development and growth
10. Beautify our downtowns and urban areas
11. Protect and preserve the Commonwealth’s wildlife habitat

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