Thursday, May 6, 2021

Thomas & Marjorie Seibert Partner With French & Pickering Creeks Conservation Trust To Protect Nearly 20 Acres Of Woodlands

Thomas and Marjorie Seibert have partnered with the
French and Pickering Creeks Conservation Trust to permanently preserve 197 acres of woodlands in Charlestown Township, Chester County through a conservation easement.

The Seibert Property is visible to the public from 400 feet of frontage along Pikeland Road, which is designated as a scenic road in the Charlestown Township Open Space Plan. The easement was funded by Charlestown Township.

The more than 8 acres of contiguous woodlands within the property will continue to provide habitat to numerous land and aquatic animals and perpetuate and foster the growth of a healthy and unfragmented forest or woodland.

The biologically diverse meadow and grassland habitat, including native species, will continue to provide nesting and denning sites for a variety of fauna, as well as cover and forage for species dependent on flowering and seed producing plants.

French & Pickering Creeks Conservation Trust is grateful for the Seibert’s generosity and for the opportunity to protect this biologically valuable and beautiful property.

For more information on programs, upcoming events and how you can protect your property, visit the French and Pickering Creeks Conservation Trust website.

(Reprinted from the WeConservePA website.)

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[Posted: May 6, 2021] PA Environment Digest

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