Thursday, May 6, 2021

2021 Riparian Forest Buffer Summit Presentations Now Available On Demand

Fifteen webinars from the
2021 Riparian Forest Buffer Summit in March are now available on demand at the Pennsylvania Clean Water Academy website.

The presentations include--

-- Planting Forests, Not Just Trees

-- Business of Buffers

-- Working with Your Nursery - The Importance of Communication & Collaboration

-- Looking Upland - DCNR's New Lawn Conversion Program

-- Rapid Stream De-listing - Engaging Partners and Landowners in Restoration with a Tangible Outcome

-- Buffers for Game Species

-- Developing Effective Planting Plans

-- Ecological Assessment of USDA CREP

-- Long Term Nitrate Removal in Riparian Buffers

-- Resources to Empower Landowners to Improve Water Quality

-- Clean Water Grows on Trees

-- Making a Home for the Rain: How Do We Create a Better Relationship with Rain?

-- How to Communicate Effectively with Decision Makers

-- Taking Stock of Big Picture, Strategic Priorities for Watershed Restoration

-- Qualifying the Called

Click Here to watch one or more of the presentations.   Questions should be directed to Teddi Stark, DCNR Watershed Forestry Program Manager, by sending an email to:

Visit DCNR's Forest Buffers webpage to take advantage of all the resources there on forested riparian buffers.

[Posted: May 6, 2021]  PA Environment Digest

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