Thursday, January 2, 2020

Western PA Conservancy's Conserve Magazine Dedicated To Planting, Protecting, Caring For Region’s Trees & Forests

The Winter issue of the Conserve magazine from the Western PA Conservancy is dedicated entirely to initiatives on planting, protecting and caring for the region’s trees and forests.
“Pennsylvania’s trees and forests are majestic, beautiful and essential to our region’s landscape,” said Thomas D. Saunders, President & CEO.  “And at the same time, trees are environmental workhorses.
“They help improve air quality, enhance habitats, reduce stormwater runoff and sequester carbon. Trees and forests are crucial to many of today’s environmental and conservation challenges, and to other species in nature with whom trees have a symbiotic relationship.
“In this issue of Conserve, we’re highlight the ways the Western Pennsylvania Conservancy’s work benefits trees, which in turn provide so many benefits to people, wildlife and the environment,” said Saunders.  “Since 2008, the Conservancy has planted almost 100,000 trees across our region-- along streets, on trails, in parks, along rivers and streams, and on our nature reserves.
“This issue is dedicated to where and why we plant trees, how we care for trees and forests, and the environmental benefits of and threats to our trees and forests,” Saunders explained.
Articles include--
-- Planting One Tree At A Time
-- 10 Native Trees In Western Pennsylvania
-- Fmr Inmates Could Help Fill Shortage In Tree Management Workforce
-- Fallingwater’s Fallen Trees: Good For Ecosystem and Decor
-- Forest Expert Shares Conservation Options With Forest Landowners
-- Forest Management  At WPC Requires Strategic, Focused Practices
-- WPC Establishes Vital Community Forestry Model For The Region
-- Gift To Support Water Quality In Allegheny National Forest
-- Donation Memorializes A Daughter’s Love For Trees
-- Plant A Native Tree At Home
-- Mulch In Fall Prune In Winter
-- Painting Invites Visitors To Step Into The Woods
-- Field Notes: The Worth Of Trees
More information is available on programs, initiatives and special events at the Western PA Conservancy website.  Click Here to sign up for regular updates from the Conservancy, Like them on Facebook, Follow them on Twitter, join them on Instagram, visit the Conservancy’s YouTube Channel or add them to your network on LinkedinClick Here to support their work.
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(Reprinted from latest Water, Land, Life newsletter from the Western PA ConservancyClick Here to sign up for your own copy.)
[Posted: January 2, 2020]

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