Monday, March 13, 2017

DEP Acting Secretary To Speak At Globalcon Energy Conference In Philadelphia March 23

Big changes in energy policy are happening in Washington DC and in the states. You need to know how these changes will impact your business in the future at the federal and state levels.
This interactive session features a discussion of changes in Administration policy on energy; what can we expect from the new U.S. Secretary of Energy and the energy committees on Capitol Hill; and what are some of the exciting new programs happening at the state level?  
Acting Secretary McDonnell will focus on several ongoing initiatives of Pennsylvania DEP related to energy efficiency and alternative energy, including a Department of Energy grant for “Finding Pennsylvania’s Solar Future”, electric and other alternative fueled vehicle deployments, combined heat and power and microgrid projects, and energy efficiency programs for small businesses and manufacturers.
Lot’s of new “players” and inside information on what is likely to happen – or not happen -- in energy policy will be discussed by the presenters.
The other presenters include Rob Altenburg, Director of PennFuture’s Energy Center and Tyson Slocum, Director of Public Citizen’s Energy Program.
The Conference is being held on March 22 and 23 at the Philadelphia Convention Center Hall E.
Click Here for all the details on the Conference.

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