Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Growing Greener Coalition: Wolf Budget Falls Short In Protecting Water, Other Natural Resources

The PA Growing Greener Coalition Tuesday issued the following statement from Executive Director Andrew Heath in response to Gov. Wolf’s proposed budget:
"Gov. Wolf’s proposed budget falls short when it comes to protecting Pennsylvania’s water, land, forests, parks, trails and other natural resources, and the economic benefits and jobs they provide.
"Any transfers from or reductions to the current Growing Greener Environmental Stewardship Fund are unacceptable and do not advance Pennsylvania’s commitment to clean streams, public recreation and locally grown food.
"We need to invest more in the state’s environment, not less.
"Pennsylvania’s Growing Greener program needs at least $315 million annually to keep our water clean, preserve our open space and family farms, and ensure children and families continue to have access to parks, trails and other outdoor recreational opportunities, which are vital to our communities and quality of life here in Pennsylvania
"Our elected leaders can no longer delay when it comes to investing in the Growing Greener program. The Coalition strongly urges the Governor and the Legislature to work together to identify a sustainable revenue source to Keep Pa Growing Greener now and for generations to come.”
For more information on the program, visit the PA Growing Greener Coalition website.
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