Thursday, January 12, 2017

PennAg Industries Assn, Sunoco Pipelines Launch Biosecurity Education Program

PennAg Industries Association and Sunoco Logistics launched a biosecurity training and education module to raise awareness on the basics of farm safety and etiquette for the energy industry and beyond.
Biosecurity is the prevention of disease from spreading to or from areas occupied by livestock or crops.
The biosecurity module, which will be provided free of charge and available on PennAg’s website, will educate users on the necessary steps that must be taken to protect animals and crops when working on or near a farm, ranch or other agricultural concern.
“Education and training are critical to ensure that industries working on farms and ranches appreciate the potential risks to livestock and crops, and understand the precautions they should practice,” said Christian Herr, Executive Vice President, PennAg. “We commend Sunoco Logistics on their proactive leadership to initiate and develop a first-of-its-kind training module for its employees, contractors and vendors,” said Herr, “to make sure that the company’s capital projects and operations are done with minimal impact to working farms.”
The biosecurity training module will be made widely available following the Pennsylvania Farm Show.
Curtis Stambaugh, assistant general counsel, Sunoco Logistics, noted that the company has about 8,000 miles of pipeline in 20 states, most of the mileage crossing farmland, as well as new pipelines whose construction will impact farms.
“Having grown up on a dairy farm, biosecurity is a topic that is very personal,” said Stambaugh. “I am proud that Sunoco Logistics is taking a leadership role by partnering with PennAg on this unique training module.”
Energy industry companies and other organizations and companies that work on or near farms will be encouraged to take the training module.
A panel of experts, moderated by the state Department of Agriculture, convened to introduce the module at the Pennsylvania Farm Show.
The panel included industry experts throughout Pennsylvania including Herr, Stambaugh, and: Byron Schaffer, Food Safety and Quality Manager, Kreider Farms; Dr. Sherrill Davison, VMD, MS, MBA, ACPV, Director of Laboratory of Avian Medicine and Pathology, University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine; and Dr. David Wolfgang, VMD, MPH, Pennsylvania State Veterinarian.
For more information, visit the PennAg Industries Association website.
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