Tuesday, April 5, 2016

9th Annual PROP Recycling Film Festival Now Accepting Entries

The Professional Recyclers of Pennsylvania is now accepting entries for the 2016 Annual Recycling Film Festival.  The deadline for entries is July 8.
Does your local recycling education program need a boost? Do you find it difficult to relate which items belong in curbside recycling bins and which do not, despite your current recycling education efforts?
Consider shooting a 3-5 minute recycling video with your smart phone that can be posted to your community website, or used at group presentations, to get your points across both audibly and visually.
A cash prize, sponsored by MSW Consultants, LLC, will be awarded for the
video, or videos, judged by FilmFest participant ballots to be the best.  The winners will be recognized at the PROP Annual Recycling & Organics Conference in Harrisburg July 27-28..
The winning videos will gain additional exposure through posting to PROP’s YouTube Channel. You can view many of the winning videos from the 2008-2015 FilmFest at the PROP YouTube Channel.
Click Here for all the details.
For more information on programs, initiatives and upcoming events, visit the Professional Recyclers of Pennsylvania website.  Click Here to sign up for regular updates from PROP.

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