Tuesday, September 15, 2020

PA American Water Launches New PA Environmental Stewardship StoryMap

On September 15, PA American Water recognized the vital role water plays in our everyday lives by launching a campaign focused on water source protection. 
“Though we have come a long way in terms of our water treatments and services, there is still a lot of work to be done and challenges to overcome,” said Kristi English, Pennsylvania Source Water Protection Lead. “The hardest being that water is often taken for granted. Every single day, a person turns on his or her tap to bathe; brush teeth; or get water for drinking, cooking and cleaning. And unless the person notices something unusual, water quality is never given another thought. That is where this campaign comes in.”
As part of this week’s campaign, Pennsylvania American Water is announcing its new Environmental Stewardship story map – a GIS-based online visual map showing the company’s environmental grant funding and the watersheds that have been protected or improved as part of this program. 
To date, Pennsylvania American Water has donated more than $530,000 to fund more than 100 projects within its service territories that protect or restore drinking water sources and surrounding watersheds across the Commonwealth.
To advance goals to Protect the Source, Pennsylvania American Water encourages individuals to take the following action this week, then work to put that action into year-round practice:
-- Be conscious of daily water use and take steps in the home to be water smart and help preserve this precious natural resource, which can also have an impact on reducing monthly bills.
-- Be sure that leaking pipes and faucets—indoors and outdoors—are repaired. 
-- Take care in the use of garden, lawn, garage and other home products, and ensure that they do not inadvertently find their way into water sources. 
-- Dispose of chemicals, unused medicines or other potentially harmful products properly, and do not put them directly into home drains, the sewer, street drains or the lawn. 
For more information on PA American Water and how our employees work to provide the highest quality water, please visit the PA American Water website.
[Posted: Sept. 15, 2020]  PA Environment Digest

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