Saturday, April 11, 2020

Penn State Council Of Sustainable Leaders Continues Online Speakers Series

The Penn State Council of Sustainable Leaders continues its online speakers showcase series on Fridays from Noon to 1:30 on April 17, 24 and May 1.
This year, the Sustainability Showcase Series is highlighting the actions that people are taking in their communities, locally and globally. 
The series covers a wide range of topics based around the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and all support the notion that climate change is becoming a more urgent issue that everyone must pay attention to and act on. 
Attendees will leave these events feeling inspired and will be able to identify actions in their own community to be an active, educated, and engaged citizen. 
The speakers coming up include--
-- April 17: Dan Bena, fmr Senior Director of Sustainable Development for PepsiCo - Business and the Sustainable Development Goals-Is It All Just Talk?
-- April 24: Mark Brennan, Professor, College of Agricultural Science & UNESCO Chair - Ensuring Youth Voice In Program and Policy - Implications for Advancing Sustainable Development Goals.
-- May 1: Ted Alter, Co-Director for the Center of Economic and Community Development at Penn State - Uncertainty, Community and Sustainability.
Click Here for instructions on joining the speakers online and for on-demand videos of previous speakers in this series.
The Penn State Council of Sustainable Leaders is working to enhance student and faculty engagement in co-curricular programming related to sustainability and provides grassroots support and resources for sustainability-related student organizations across campus. 
They are passionate about involving and empowering community members, students and faculty members to see sustainability as not only an environmental issue but also as a social issue (education, equality, infrastructure, etc.). ​
[Posted: April 11, 2020]  PA Environment Digest

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