Friday, August 9, 2019

Partnership For The Delaware Estuary 2018 Annual Report Now Available

On August 9, the Partnership for the Delaware Estuary published its 2018 Annual Report celebrating the completion of two major milestones: the adoption of a revised Comprehensive Conservation and Management Plan for the Delaware Estuary and an agreement with the PA Infrastructure Investment Authority for the Mussels for Clean Water Initiative
Conservation/Management Plan
The Revised Comprehensive Conservation and Management Plan for the Delaware Estuary aims to make watershed improvements to benefit millions of people who live, work, and play in the tri-state region (PA, NJ, DE). 
In an effort to make the CCMP a living document, the Partnership for the Delaware Estuary worked with members of the Steering Committee, the Estuary Implementation Committee, the Science and Technical Advisory Committee, local partners, experts, and stakeholders to establish a revised set of goals and strategies for achieving and tracking improvements to the heath of the Delaware Estuary. 
This revised plan seeks to continue and accelerate that improvement over the next 10 years. 
Mussels For Clean Water
The Mussels for Clean Water Initiative is part of the multifaceted Freshwater Mussel Recovery Program which aims to restore native species of freshwater mussels to streams, rivers and lakes in the upper mid-Atlantic region, particularly the Delaware River Basin.
The MuCWI is different because it aims to directly restore or enhance ecosystem services that are provided by healthy beds of mussels, which are often comprised of both rare and common species. 
The main goal of MuCWI is to promote cleaner water and healthier aquatic ecosystems via the propagation, rearing and outplanting of mussels created from a central hatchery.
In 2018, the Pennsylvania Infrastructure Investment Authority awarded PDE $7.9 million in funding to build a freshwater mussel hatchery at Bartam’s Garden in Philadelphia. 
Other Accomplishments
Among the other accomplishments noted were--
-- 1,160 feet of living shoreline installed;
-- 480 tons of trash removed by the Schuylkill Scrub
-- 27,960 pounds of oyster shell recycled
-- 750 native plants given away
-- 1,529 student entries in art contests
-- 3,5000+ attendees at Pennsylvania Coast Day
-- 46,000 acres of habitat restored by the Delaware Estuary Partners since 1996
-- Celebrated 15th Anniversary of Schuylkill Action Network
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