Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Philadelphia Inquirer Begins Year-Long From The Source: Stories Of The Delaware River Series

On July 10, the Philadelphia Inquirer began a new year-long series called From The Source: Stories of the Delaware River to explore the river and the watershed from many angles-- water quality, environmental challenges, climate change, recreation, history and how it all converges to define the region and inform life there. 
Through words, images, videos, and interactive graphics, the series will take readers from the place in the Catskills, where one can stand with a foot on each shore of the Delaware; to the Water Gap, where the river is arguably its most picturesque; through muddy, secret fishing holes and Philadelphia’s urban heart, to where the river melds with the bay. 
“From the Source: Stories of the Delaware River," is produced with support from the National Geographic Society, the Lenfest Institute for Journalism, and the William Penn Foundation. Editorial content is created independently of the project’s donors.
A similar initiative is getting underway in the Ohio River Watershed.

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