Friday, January 11, 2019

Study: Recreational Visits To State Forest System Alone Generates Over $720 Million Annually For PA Economy

A new Penn State University study released by the Center for Rural Pennsylvania estimates recreational visits to DCNR’s State Forest system contributes an estimated $721.4 million annually to the state’s economy and supports 5,100 jobs.
Of that total, over $181.4 million comes from out-of-state state forest visitation.  Out-of-state visitors generate $1.25 of economic output for every $1 of direct spending.
From 2012 to 2016 the State Forest system generated an estimated $632 million in income for the Commonwealth, about 80 percent of which was from oil and gas development.
The research points out the study did not consider the value of carbon sequestration or water purification, which are forest services that are estimated to be providing billions of dollars in value annually.
The study also did not include an estimate of the value of the role the State Forest system plays in providing sustainably managed hardwood and other speciality timber for the forest products.
Separately, a PA Parks and Forests Foundation study found the 40 million annual visitors using Pennsylvania’s State Parks system every year contributes $1.145 billion annually to the state’s economy and supports 12,630 jobs around the state.
For every $1 invested in State Parks, $12.41 of value added income is returned to the state’s economy.  Click Here for more.
Together, from these studies, Pennsylvania’s State Parks and Forest systems have a $2.498 billion impact on the state’s economy and supports over 17,750 jobs.
For more information on issues affecting rural Pennsylvania, visit the Center for Rural Pennsylvania website.
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