Thursday, January 4, 2018

UGI Penn Natural Gas Launches Energy Efficiency/Conservation Rebate Program

UGI Penn Natural Gas Thursday announced the formal launch of the company’s comprehensive Energy Efficiency and Conservation Program. The UGI program provides financial incentives that encourage consumers to reduce energy consumption and costs.
The UGI PNG EE&C program includes several rebate options for customers who upgrade heating systems or appliances to more efficient equipment or convert to natural gas.
The program also offers incentives for commercial and industrial customers, including those replacing less-efficient heating systems with high-efficient Combined Heat and Power (CHP) units.
UGI proposed the EE&C Program as part of its 2017 Penn Natural Gas base rate filing made before the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission (PUC). The EE&C was approved by the PUC as part of the base rate case settlement.
Brian Meilinger, UGI’s Manager, Energy Efficiency and Conservation, said the company already has received significant customer interest in the program.
“We’re very pleased at the response from customers who have heard we were launching this program,” Meilinger said. “We believe UGI’s EE&C program has the potential to reach a significant number of customers interested in becoming more energy efficient.”
UGI’s EE&C portfolio includes natural gas efficiency programs aimed at encouraging consumers to “think efficiency” in their day-to-day usage, as well as to:
-- Upgrade the efficiency of gas appliances and equipment when they require replacement; and
-- Improve efficiency before a building or renovation is designed and constructed.
The UGI PNG EE&C program also contains a New Construction component that provides incentives directly to home builders who achieve efficiency levels at least 30 percent above those required in local building codes.
Incentives are also available for commercial construction projects.
UGI PNG customers and individuals interested in learning more about the UGI PNG
EE&C program qualifications and rebate forms can visit UGI’s Smart Save webpage.
UGI’s Gas Division, which serves customers in southeastern and central Pennsylvania, successfully implemented a similar EE&C program in 2017.

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